on Starting a new Tech Business

HARNESS Property Intelligence

Late in June 2017 a press release started circulating around the UK announcing the launch of HARNESS Property Intelligence, a new Commercial Real Estate technology startup. I am delighted to be part of this new “PropTech” company as Chief Technology Officer.

Where did it begin?

It all began at the end of 2016 when a former colleague and I were catching up over a few beers in London.

We had both recently gained a lot of experience in the commercial real estate technology sector and had become astutely aware of several fundamental problems that were holding it back. And so began the “what needs to happen is…” conversation that quickly led to a business plan.

Seed Funding

Ben Mein and I spent a lot of time talking, debating, arguing and planning. We brought others into our talks and were soon keen to present our business plan to potential investors. It was clear to us that this was a nascent industry and thus we wanted to move quickly and with intensity. Thus, we presented an open and honest account to investors; asking for a commitment over £3million as seed funding.

On December 23rd 2016 we were delighted to receive the commitment.

The Founding Team

It’s been frantic this year. We needed to lay strong foundations and worked hard building an amazing launch team.

Today we have a team of 12 already. An amazing, talented team who all passionately believe in what we’re doing. We’re all on-board with the long-term goals and the work that has been produced already is, quite simply, world class.

The Long Term

It’s safe to say that, by nature of being just 6 months old, we’re only just getting warmed up. What you see today is not even the thin veneer of our proposition. It’s going to be an exciting, informative journey. I hope you follow me through it.

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