on Chris Tomic



Well, that’s long been a question on my lips. Several years ago I looked up one of my old employers on Wikipedia. It was one of those normal narcissistic things – it started by googling my own name.

At that time the page on Wikipedia talked about the CTO of Monstermob having been some guy called Chris Tomic – somebody I’d never heard of before. Apparently he’d not only invented ringtones¬†and was a top male model, but he’d been instrumental in leading the technology team at Monstermob – while I was there.

I racked my brain to think of this guy. There were not many people working at Monstermob when I joined. In fact, they weren’t called Monstermob when I joined in February 2001 – that was their brand, but not the company name. Not only that, the company didn’t employ the American style nomenclature for senior management/executives. We didn’t have a CEO, CTO, COO, etc – we had a Managing Director, Technical Director, Operations Director, etc.

In Feb 2001 the¬†Technical Director at Monstermob was Jon Hill. A great fella who I’m still in regular contact with. He gave me my break at Monstermob (where I started my journey from just being a developer into being a manager). When I left Monstermob in September 2004 I was the Technical and Operations Manager reporting directly to the Ops Director, Gavin Whyte (another great guy). The company had floated on the AIM in London and had grown internationally. There was still no guy there called Chris Tomic.

Any way, the more I looked at this Tomic fella, the more it just looked like he’s a piece of “fake news”. Web pages were just static images (photoshop?) and other pages didn’t completely make sense.

As much as I have no reason to believe any of his web profile, I have no reason not to believe it. But, I do have reason to doubt his claims to inventing the ringtone and to being CTO at Monstermob. Definitely not true on either count. Sorry Chris. But props for crafting such a lovely back story.