On IT Security At Work


It’s no co-incidence that I’m writing this at the end of the week in which 48 of the UK’s health service trusts were “hacked” by malfeasants brandishing an “indiscriminate attack across the world on multiple industries and services”.

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On recruiting web development talent in the UK


Yes, I’m Old

I’ve been recruiting tech people since 1999. Back then I mainly hired web designers – we were building HTML for Internet Explorer and Netscape Navigator. There was no such thing as CSS (it had been invented, but not gained widespread adoption). Javascript had just been adopted into Internet Explorer but we needed to support older browsers too – so didn’t use it. Our main talents revolved around the use of <table> and optimising JPEGs down below 100kb – plus hand building animated GIFs. Continue reading

First post of new site


Amazed at the ease of this

As someone who’s very interested in technology and who has spent nearly 20 years installing, configuring and managing servers (as part of my Full-Stack Development role) I am pleased how easy it can now be to deploy something like a WordPress server.

Thanks to IAAS services such as DigitalOcean you are now able to deploy a new WordPress server (Ubuntu, Apache, Mysql, PHP) complete with Lets Encrypt SSL certificate in under an hour. Wow! I could probably do it by hand (assuming I can download the Ubuntu image very quickly) in under an hour – but that would be a stretch and not nearly as user friendly.

So, thank you to DigitalOcean and thank you to the guys at Lets Encrypt for creating worthwhile 21st century solutions to enable people like me to do what we really want!